About The Ghen


Greetings, visitor!
We are The Ghen. Don't ask what the name means. The answer lies deep within you. Rather ask what we do. We are a band. A rock band. We rock.
Now, we find descriptions of bands irrelevant, if not plain stupid. You can see, and you can hear. So that's that. We trust your judgment.
Just to make it official; our names are: Andrej, Andrej, Damjan and Luka. We are from Bistrica ob Sotli, Slovenia. And yes, we do like ice cream.
If you want to get in touch, use one or more of those little circles beneath the field with contents. You are very welcome to do so, but no pressure. You can also write us something. The mail is: -the-ghen-@-gmail.com- minus the minuses.
If you want us to play in your club you or if you would like to write an article about us and you need more info, the right mail would be: bosbooking@gmail,com
This is so important that we're translating it to Slovene, so everyone can understand: Če hočeš, da igramo v tvojem klubu ali pišeš članek o nas in rabiš več informacij, bo pravi e-naslov: bosbooking@gmail.com