New Album out soon!

A swift, yet sturdy, update: we have recorded our second album. Yes, we did! Just didn't quite finish the mixing, mastering, and all the other all-inportant mumbo-jumbo. Some very big changes in our concept apeared: first, we recorded the whole thing togheter, just added some solos and vocals afterwords. Second, we wrote heavier, stone-er and angryer songs. The consequence: we ruined hun [...]

Summer summary

Usually, we did all the wrong things in summer. You know, chilling on the beach, double-checking the skin factor, reading television, watching books and so on. No good stuff such as sweating like pigs on rehearsals or driving miles and miles in the peak of the heat in order to do a concert that will not quite pay off the travel expenses. This year we have a good summer, for a change. We played [...]

Mother Invention Video out NOW!

Baby's and gentleman! We proudly introduce the newest The Ghen video. It is one of those products that took roughly half of eternity to get done, but it was, in our honest belief, worth the wait. The footage was actually done back in the 2011, if you can imagine. A lot of thigs happened in the meantime. Some of them very bad, some of them not so good. (Friends of the main and only actor kno [...]