Summer summary

Usually, we did all the wrong things in summer. You know, chilling on the beach, double-checking the skin factor, reading television, watching books and so on. No good stuff such as sweating like pigs on rehearsals or driving miles and miles in the peak of the heat in order to do a concert that will not quite pay off the travel expenses.

This year we have a good summer, for a change. We played two festivals, and be will play two more. Every next one is bigger and more recognizable then the previous. We started with this back to the nature fest, named Going up the Country. It's so far up the country, we are not even sure what's the name of the place.

Next we played on Izola rock fest. It was in Izola. And it was very cool. People liked us, we liked the people. Festival was warm, yet punchy.

We have two more exciting gigs: Trnfest on 11th of August, and Hoomstock on 31st of the same month. Trnfest is the place to be if you're in Ljubljana in August and are 66 or younger. This year the organizers are in serious financial difficoulties so this might as well be the last edition of the legendary open air festival in Trnovo. We hope not, we were on many great concerts, art exhibitions and theatre shows there and it would be a tremendous waste.

Hoomsock is taking place in Hum na Sutli, on Croatian side of Slo-Cro border. This will be 10th edition of the festival and the big names will be Hladno pivo and Edo Maajka. We will be a small name, but we will make sure to make BIG noise.

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